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Thanks for checking out this gig!

  • I charge $5 per 50 words, so order accordingly
  • I will need a script, but I can write one for $10
  • HD $10
  • Proofreading is $5
  • I can wear an outfit request for $10

Thanks for checking out this gig and I hope to work with you!

If there are any unusual words in your script, it is your responsibility to tell me how to pronounce it. I will not make revisions due to pronunciation. 

As always, KEEP IT CLEAN! No adult content.

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I will write the script   ×
I will film in HD high definition quality   ×
I will wear a requested look   ×
I will wear a clip-on mic for superior audio quality and a professional look   ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Thank you so much, exactly what i was after. Ok perfect will do :)”