PLEASE READ THOUGH THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. I HAVE MANY GIGS SPECIALLY CREATED FOR BUYERS DIFFERENT NEEDS, PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH THE RELEVANT GIG. PLEASE NOTE: If Order Queue is more than 8 please contact me first as I believe in delivering quality work. I do all drawings by hand and scan them in at high resolution to deliver the drawing to you my client. Do not neglect to add extra options for colour drawing. For urgent deliveries please select the EXTRA FAST delivery option as I work strictly to my deadline due date. All drawings will be delivered in black&white unless otherwise stated by selecting colour options For delivery in any other format apart from JPEG or PNG please order my gratuity Gig and specify it there: Illustrations with multiple drawings will be charged as multiple gigs or else delivered at a low resolution. Drawings will be available for purchase as single B&W/ Colour gigs afterwards.

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