Increase your marketing reach by going bilingual! Or maybe you want your script proofread or edited because it's not your first language.

One $5 gig =  translation/proofreading of a 50 word script (20 secs) for a testimonial or commercial, from English to Spanish, and viceversa. Is your script more than 50 words? Order multiple gigs by choosing the correct number ($5 = 50 words, $10 = 100 words,and so on, up to 300 words; contact for longer scripts). If you'd like to add Gig Extras, please add them to your total cost when ordering.

  • NEED A VIDEO? Refer to my VIDEO GIGS for important info.
  • REVISION POLICY (in case of video): No re-do's unless I mess up with directions or script. You are responsible for the information you provide. 
  • Any questions? Feel free to msg me! Order soon! 

NOTE: All scripts (and videos) are fabricated and do not represent a personal endorsement.

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I will record a 20 second video along with your 50 word script OR add value to your order +1 day ×
I will provide your 75 word script in both English and Spanish OR add value to your order   ×
I will add value to your order   ×
I will deliver in 48 hrs, Mon thru Fri only, CONTACT FIRST , OR add value to original order.   ×
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