I will make a news report with a happy birthday wish for your friend or family. Nice prank to surprise your friend or family with a happy birthday wish. News-report is in high quality, as if it was really shoot on live television. I'll do up to 50 words in ENGLISH. It is shoot in 480p resolution (+1gig for HD720p). You send me the script (+1gig for writing my own, just write words, you want in script). **** I wont do any prohibited and immoral works (promoting criminal activities, drugs, political propaganda, pornography, farmacy, etc...) **** !!! PS: If you want ordinary live news report, check my other gigs! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MORE orders will consequently get the finished work done FASTER. Big chances of express delivery for BASIC 5$ gig! Share the gig if you want to get it done FASTER!

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I will Make a Funny Russian Accent   ×
I will Add a Picture and "Happy Birthday name" see example   ×
I will Add LiveTVmedia Logo and Upload to LiveTVmedia Youtube Channel   ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 3 days   ×
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