As a woman who has done her fair share of online dating, I know it's a hell of a lot more difficult for a guy to get the date, than it is for the girl.

Let me help you get a fighting chance with online dating! For the basic gig, let me help you choose which photos will work the best for you. There is a lot of psychology behind what makes a photo work on the online dating sites. Let me help you with that! 

You can also order "extra gigs". The extra gigs will be: To take a look at your profile and give you a personalized video with tips and suggestions (this was my old gig, so it's still here!);  & To take a look at your initial messages, and offer tips-- because there is a certain formula that works!

IMPORTANT! I am now offering a personal, REAL TIME, Skype session. When you order it, provide your Skype name, for me to find and add, and also your time zone and some times and days that you will be available. 

Take a look at my feedback--you'll see so much positive feedback about ordering not just the pictures, but also the "one on one advice" gig.

I look forward to helping you out!

I do not write profiles.

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will give you a personalized video of tips & suggestions tailored for YOU based on your profile.   ×
I will take a look at a sample of the initial Greeting message that you send and give you pointers. +1 day ×
I will skype with you for 15-20min and answer your online dating questions in REAL time. +4 days ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Highly recommended. Great advice and a personalised video reply! :)”