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 Function With Style

Survival Bracelets were invented by military paratroopers who would salvage parachute cord to use for anything from kindling, to fabricating a raft or even an animal trap.  After landing behind enemy lines, they would quickly bury their chutes, but save some cord for survival use.  During down times, they would make bracelets, lanyards and knife handles out of the cord. 

As someone who is close to earning the distinction of Eagle Scout, I commend and admire these men.  As a tribute, I offer my version of the Survival Bracelet.  Some call them Ranger Bracelets after the brave men and women who used them.


I use quality cord and fasteners and offer the following for a gig: 
 Qty: 1 to 4 Bracelets. You can pick any color you wish. And whatever form of bracelet you would like.  I will have the bracelet made same day as order. And ship it the next available shipping day. 

 That is all this gig will do for a fiverr. 

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