Your tree will be adopted and nurtured by a Guatemalan family.We'll include a photo of your tree, your name, your host family and its exact location at BuenasCosas website Offset your Carbon Footprint with a tree in Guatemala! Trees last a lifetime. Flowers last a week, tops. Give Trees - Good Things - Buenas Cosas! Be sure and check out our Gig Extras for more Good Stuff. Thanks for Your Support! Peace, Love and Buenas Cosas - Buenas Cosas - Serving Community & Nature

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will provide a suitable-for-framing Certificate of Appreciation with your name or your company name   ×
I will deliver up to 30 seconds of video with whatever message you like or the planting of your tree   ×
I will provide a Certificate of Appreciation up to 30 seconds of video 1 extra tree   ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Thank you, the trees are lovely! i hope they grow up to be big and strong!”