*Please message me before ordering  to discuss details about what I CAN or CANNOT do. Thank you!* 

. I will edit your up to 15 minutes video.

  • One gig ($5) includes two services (ex: unlimited trimming + unlimited text) but it only applies to ONE video. Want more effects, transitions, etc.? Order extra $5 for every 2 services!

  • If you need work on several shorter videos, every single video will cost 1 separate gig. 

  • I am not a professional, so please message me before ordering to check whether I'm able to do whatever you need.Thank you for visiting my gig! :)

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will not count the services you need and just do whatever you want me to do on your video//unlimited edit +2 days ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 2 days   ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Absolute professionalism. On time, done well. Great pricing. I will be back.”