I will make a drawing of anyone you want in my own style for $5! I will create a digital portrait in a cool style so you will have an original brand new drawing to give as a present, to use as a profile picture or anything you want! Note: *This is 1 PERSON PER GIG, 2 people 2 gigs, etc* You may only use the caricature for non-commercial purposes. Contact me for commercial use. I'll deliver the picture as a .jpg 500x600px aprox. NOTE: Dont like to ask this, but abusive buyers please dont offer on my gig; Dont ask more than I offer, this is already super cheap. Also, treat me with respect just like I treat you, thank you :) ***GET EXTRAS!*** Print size +1 gig // Full body + 1 gig // send editable file + 1 gig //

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I will send the editable file along with the picture   +$5
I will make a cartoon of your complete body   +$5
Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Really happy with the picture! and was easy to contact to get it changed to make h...”