Hello! I will draw you an avatar/icon of yourself, your original character, or fan art in my style. Each picture will have a simple background and be in full color (unless you mention you want it in black and white). These are great for your social media websites, forum avatars, icons, blogs etc. They also make great gifts! Keep in mind that this is my art and it's not intended for commercial purposes. Although all examples are watermarked your finished copy will not be, so rest assured. :) If you are interested in seeing more examples of my work click on the link to my gallery below. http://chikiarts.deviantart.com/ FAQ Q: I want a couple in the drawing, is that one gig or two? A: One character is equal to one gig. If you want more, then you must purchase more. Ex. I want 3 characters in a group picture. I will purchase 3 gigs. Q: What can you draw? A: I can draw chibi's of humans and Anthro's. I will not draw furries or animals (unless cats or dogs) and I will not draw cars or mechs. Q: I want a drawing that isn't a chibi, how can I get one? A: I plan on starting another gig related to that. Until then message me here or on my Deviantart. Message me if you have any questions.
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