50 words = 1 gig. 100 words = 2 gigs, 150 words = 3 gigs, and so on. My skills are best suited to spokesperson, promotional and marketing. Please watch the gig demo above and follow the instructions, as this will prevent delays in your order. You must provide a finished script, because I don't create content or improvise in a testimonial. Be certain that you can accommodate MP4 format. Clarify questionable pronunciations by including an audio example or link where I can hear it. Abbreviations must be spelled out, or they will be read as such. Revisions must be paid barring an error on my part. Submit a final draft, as copy corrections must be paid after the order is placed. Your video quality will meet or exceed that of the gig video. The blocking, acting and hand gestures will be similar to that seen in the example. Multiple files will require an additional fee for post-production.

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will insert a text slide or a logo or superimposed text   ×
I will fix the broken English in your script so that I can read it   ×
I will deliver your project within 24 hours   ×
Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
“He was super to work with and did an amazing job on the project i gave him. Wow !!!”