PLEASE NOTE: I just finished a major book illustration commission and I am now working on another project that will be up on Kickstarters, so please message first in regards to order availability to avoid orders getting cancelled! Also, please be aware that I take time to make your art, but I guarantee it will be good! Thank you!

Need a character, animal, logo or a design? Anything you need, I can bring it to life!

Price per graphic service:

$5   - I will sketch out a character or item for you.
$15 - Your character or item will be vector inked & colored.

$25 - Your character or item will be vector inked, colored, shaded with gradients & will be rendered with a high resolution.

$45 - Your character or item will be vector inked, colored,  fully shaded, with gradients, will include a simple background if needed & full rights ownership to the graphic. This includes ownership of the original vector file(s). This service will also include multiple edits.

*Rates may change depending on the complexity of your idea*

Would you like to see samples of my work? Please visit my Flickr-Fiverr art portfolio for samples:

Check out my Gig Extras

I will color your character or item with basic colors and send it to you in 150 dpi resolution +1 day +$10
I will add colors, gradients, shading, highlights and send it to you in 350 dpi resolution. +1 day +$20
I will give you the license for commercial resale purposes. Also includes full color package and more +1 day +$40
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 12 days   +$20
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Really great work, i'm so happy with it. i would recommend for everyone :-)”