I will draw you as a Simpsons character, or anyone you provide a photo of. I can also draw your pet in the same style. 1 gig per person or pet in the photo. I can do family portraits, but it will be one gig per family member. Portraits will be from shoulders or waist up. EXTRA, interactive action; I can also draw an actual Simpson's character in the portrait if you like, interacting with you, doing whatever you like. Example: You scoring a high five with Otto, or drinking a beer with Barney, maybe even reading the Bible with Flanders etc See my other extras! Portraits with up to 2 people will be delivered as 2.5x3.5 aceo size at 300 dpi jpeg. More characters, action images and full body image will be larger as needed.

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*including $5 gig, Extras
“Great! this is fun! thank you very much.”