Why Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic way to reach your desired audience, and is known as one of the best marketing tools available to us today! 

In this Gig, your tweet will be sent to a set of 12 active and diverse accounts, each having many hundreds of followers.  The great thing about twitter is that there are websites like inagist, scoopit, prismatic, and other aggregators that do nothing but scour the twitter stream for content to show on their own sites. 

By getting your message out on multiple twitter accounts, you also increase the chance of third party sites finding and linking to you!  Get that twitter promotion, and the added SEO benefit as well!

The Rules:

Absolutely no porn, gambling, get rich quick, or pharmaceutical related tweets.

What I need:

You can include only one link and one hashtag per tweet.  Hint:  It is scientifically proven that by overdoing your hashtags, you will be viewed as spam and get less clicks anyway.

Let's Do It

If you meet these requirements, hit that order button and let's get started!

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