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Thousands of Students attending! Many new students and many students from other countries!!!

Perfect time for advertising!!! York University has over 55,000 Students and 250,000 Alumni.

York University has students that study a wide variety of programs. There are thousands of students on campus on weekdays. I will help you post flyers at high traffic areas.

Send me your flyer and I will print them in traditional A4 Letter Size paper (8.5" x 11") in black & white. I will also take 1-3 pictures of them posted up. Great for marketing!

**BUYERS PLEASE READ** If you have TEAR-OFF TABS, Please add another order for cutting.

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I will print the flyers in COLOR, order more for better deals +1 day ×
I will directly hand out 50 more flyers to students and briefly give them some info about your flyers +1 day ×
I will directly hand out 55 flyers to students and post up another 105 flyers, 210 flyers in total +1 day ×
I will directly hand out 130 flyers to students and post up another 230 flyers, 410 flyers in total +1 day ×
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