I'm a digital artist and I've been drawing portraits ever since I can remember, so I can promise you high quality, clean lineart and colored cartoon versions of your face. I'm willing to draw almost anything as long as it's a single portrait and you're very specific on what you want (for 5$). Additional details (such as hats, glasses, piercings, weird haircut, an animal on your head, etc) will cost extra, depending on how many details you want, and an additional portrait in the same drawing, for instance, will cost double. The portraits are going to be simple, yet expressive and as close as they can get to your looks. Also, if by any chance I fail to deliver in time, it means I've got school and personal problems that I need to deal with before I work on this site (they come first). Feel free to cancel if you want or if you don't agree with my judgment, but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks!
“Wow thats crazy how close you got it to look will definitely be back great work!”