LEVEL 1 SELLER!! We are EXTREMELY proud of our 100% POSITIVE Feedback!! We are a very successful carpet and tile cleaning company located in Franklin, Wisconsin. We don't put your ad on boards with a hundred other flyers or hand them out to random people on the street to get thrown out. Everything we do is given DIRECTLY to homeowners and decision makers that have the money to spend on your product or services! Our services are extremely expensive, so sleep well knowing your flyers will be in the hands of people that HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND ON YOU!! For only $5, we will print and distribute to homeowners 60 black and white flyers saying anything you want within 50 miles of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These go directly to their homes, they are NOT put out for people to grab. We deliver them straight to the homeowners. Carpentry, construction, roofing, carpet installation, a charity event, or just you and your friends being crazy. Doesn't matter to us your message, we will print and hand it out. We distribute an average of 5000 flyers a week currently, and are able to more than triple that workload. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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