Hello! I am originally from China and have won Chinese writing awards since middle school. I have been in the US for over 20 years and have been doing lots of English writing/translation professionally and otherwise. I work part time as a teacher/translator between Chinese and English. I will translate all kinds of articles according to your needs: English into Chinese, or Chinese into English. ***Translation will be done professionally and of high quality!! Well worth the price.*** One gig will get you a translation for up to 100 English words or 100 Chinese characters of non technical articles. For longer non technical ones please see "Note" below, or write me for a quote. Please write for quotes on technical (academic, trade, etc.) articles also at favorable rates. Thank you! Note: If you have a document/text that is between 100-200 English words or Chinese characters, please order one more gig. If your text is between 200-300 English words or Chinese characters, please order two more gigs. So on and so forth, for up to 1000 words/characters. If you have a longer text (more than1000 English words or 1000 Chinese characters), please send me a message for a special price.

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I will translate your name or business name into well sounding/well meaning Chinese name to go along.   ×
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