****I'm going to be taking a 2 week break from fiverr to complete a big project. I have two gigs I must complete before I suspend the gigs. (I have already spoken with you) Please do not order anything until I return. Thanks.******* HI! black and white/grayscale drawings here! If you want color please refer to my NEW GIG! If I deliver a drawing to you and you don't like it, just tell me to redo and what to fix, and I will redo it. I want you to be happy with it! -If any of my drawings are going to be used for professional use, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFORE HIRING ME. -Just send me a pic of your face or just someone's face that you want me to draw! -I draw EXACTLY how the picture looks. FOR BEST RESULTS, I cannot make major changes to the photo in the drawing. I can change the direction the eyes are looking but I cannot make someone smile, turn their head a different direction, or remove objects that are blocking facial features. Thanks!

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“Awesome work my friend! i now have a new fb profile pic!!! thank you so much”