PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION: Hey, my name's Keith Pickering! I'm a US-based graphic designer and illustrator, and since I really love the idea behind this website, I've decided to give it a shot. ---------- I won't do backgrounds or complex coloring for $5. For this price you're looking at something very simple. For a reference point, the example images provided would cost closer to $30-$100...for $5 you're getting a very barebones sketch. ---------- For more complex work, look for me elsewhere online. Once I get to Level 1 I will add gig extras for more detailed work. ---------- The specified time is higher than a lot of other gigs on this site, because I have a lot of freelance work outside of fiverr, so I can't put a priority on any one project. If I don't get the drawing back to you within the specified time, you're welcome to cancel, but I won't just ignore orders. I can, however, get swamped. ---------- Thanks guys!
“Awesome!!! an outstanding job and great communication!!! don't look anywhere else ...”