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Q: From just a few domains?
A: NO! 100 Backlinks are from 100 different domains. Yes you've heard me right. From 100 different domains. No shitty blog comments on different posts on the same domain.

Q: Reports?
A: Yes, I provide detailed reports as CSV files: URL/anchor text/Dofoll0w (or not)/PR. If you would like to request the accounts used, make sure to say that in your order.

Q: Are these l!nks dofollow? Are these all blog comments?
A: Backlinks are 60%+ dof0llow. And NO, these are not all blog comments because we all want to diversify our backl1nks. Wikis, Forum profiles, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks...etc...are mixed together.

Q: Bonus?
A: First of all, I always overdeliver. Just order and you'll know it. Then my bonus for you is I will submit these l!nks to my Indexification account, which will guarantee search engines will 100% crawl those l1nks.

Q: Adult? pharma? gambling?
A: No sorry, No adult, No pharma, No gambling.

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