PLEASE READ! I will draw the face of yourself, your friend, your character, or anyone else in a cute, fun, cartoony style! For ONE gig you will get ONE drawing of a bust on a 300x300 canvas, saved as a PNG image at a resolution of 350dpi. It will look much like the examples shown above, but it WILL NOT BE PERFECT! ** Please note that these icons are meant for web use and do not print well on paper. ** ☆ I WILL draw: all different kinds of humanoid creatures, such as humans, robots, elves, etc. ★ I will NOT draw: two people in the same picture (unless you buy two gigs and request them to match), animals, logos, vehicles, anime-styled characters, or anything inappropriate. I may suspend this gig temporarily if I get too many orders at once. I reserve the right to change prices as I see fit. REMINDER: The final drawing will NOT look exactly like the person you request, as I am no professional and am still learning and improving, but I do my best. Thanks for your interest! :D
“Did a great job on this one too!”