EUROPE: $2.4

I will send you package of Oyster mushroom (pleurotus ostreatus) seeds (AKA spawn) that you can use to recycle paper waste and spent coffee grounds into FOOD.

Usually ship in 2-3 days, depends on stock!

I will simplify extremely complicated process of cultivating mushrooms into simple technology so you can easily grow edible, organic and extremely healthy oyster mushrooms at your home or in your garden.

I will produce seeds fresh for each order so you will receive best seeds there is.

After mushroom subrate has given out 3-5 crops of delicious mushrooms, you can use spent substrate as organic fertilizer, mushroom substrate is powerful nitrogen source for plants.

What will you receive:

  • Bag with oyster mushroom mycelium in (superfood) oat seeds
  • instructions
  • Happiness and fullfilment of growing mushrooms that taste very close to bacon when made into stir fry (butter + mushrooms into pan = YUMMY!)
  • Great new hobby, can you say you have heard someone growing mushrooms themselfs?

Extra gig benefits:

  • More spawn for lower dollar, shipping cost wont be affected and you can give extra bags as a gift to your friends!
  • i will deliver faster
  • Recipe<3

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