By popular demand, this Gig is back on, I'm so tired of saying no to ppl that this Gig is going to run.
This Gig will run on a separate server than my client campaigns (that means all the power for fiverr Gigs). That means an unmetered 8core server($99/m) with GSA SER($99) and GSA Captcha Breaker($147), and Recaptcha OCR solver($30/m), 50 private proxies($70/m) and more! 
I will also run Gscraper($68) with unlimited proxies($66/m) to get verified sites.  
The proxies and month costs of this server alone hover around $330, not to mention the one time software $316.
I'll create your T1 with Kontent Machine($37/m) and post to pr 2+ properties, all created properties will then go through GSA indexer($20) and theincredibleindexer($25/m) as well!
I follow the PROPER 7-tiered pyramid strategy agreed upon on the GSA forums.  This gig is only for T1 and a pyramid to pass juice. For T2 and T3 please look at the Gig extras.
You'll get a report of all verified properties *note* most of your properties will be drip-fed to the indexer for a 7 day spread.

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Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Very happy with this gig and this provider. Great communication throughout the ent...”