I will draw a BUST** caricature of you, a friend, loved one, famous person, or original character in MY style. Please provide me with a clear photo of the person for reference (or character) you want drawn. BUST** (this means ONLY the head, neck, and some of the shoulder will be drawn!) $5 per person, 1 person per gig. If you would like a Waist-Up Drawing that will be an extra $5 **No Backgrounds...but will include the person's name for no additional cost, I can sketch in regular lead, red lead, or blue lead! (tell me which you prefer!!) All pictures are copyrighted and for personal use only!! If there is any confusion or you need any questions answered please contact me before purchasing! :"3 thanks for dropping by!!
“I love it!!! what a great artist and excellent seller, i love the style, highly re...”