Welcome, a little about me.

I was a cop for 30 years for a large CA sheriff's depart. I have been hailed as a hero for several life saving awards and commendations from the F.B.I., Attorney General as well. I attended Biola Univ. for my B.S. and California Southern law school. So then, you get the both of best worlds a retired LAWYER - COP...lol..I have a wealth of knowledge and resources. So are you....Stressed out? Need legal help? Is your loved one in jail? Do you have court? Get arrested? I am an easy going person and will talk your head off. I will call you or you me and can help you be stress free. I am a drug expert, DUI expert, Contract expert, Family law expert. Just order up and I will answer


This does not include contract/legal brief reviews.

Please check out my added gigs here...as it will be a lot cheaper than going to your local attorney as he/she will do little for you at this price... Remember, the question must be reasonable...no more than (1) paragraph on the $5 gig...order other gigs which fit... 2 QUESTIONS = 2 GIGS, 3 QUESTIONS - 3 GIGS get it? Remember, a written response will be short to the point.

Check out my Gig Extras

I will review your contract or police report max 10 pages, excluding attachments. +14 days +$40
I will offer consultation on criminal matters only, nothing written... +14 days +$40
I will give you 15 tips how to win your small claims action. I have used this 100's of times to win. +14 days +$40
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   +$20
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Thank you. You are a very nice man, and honorable.”