★Super popular gig!★ The original lip-writing gig! Back from a long hiatus (from before vacation mode, which is the only reason for the less-than-perfect rating) and ready to deliver for you again!

I will write any message you want on my lips and send you a beautiful photo of it! A super fun and eye-catching way to give someone a message or to promote your product, company, or website. ;)

Please limit your message to fit on my lips. You may request a certain angle/pose -- please choose from regular, small smile, kiss, and 3/4 view. Please note that the work samples sometimes include client-specific requests -- unless otherwise agreed upon, your photo will by default be like the three main images. The photo will be 500 x 667 pixels, perfect size for the web! Be sure to also check out my other awesome gigs!
“Amazing quality!”