★Super popular gig!★ I will write any message you want on my lips and send you a beautiful photo of it! A super fun and eye-catching way to give someone a message or to promote your product, company, or website. ;) For those of you who are wondering, the writing is REAL and authentic (I use liquid eyeliner) and is not created with any software! There are too many fakes and Photoshoppers on Fiverr, but not this one! This is the real deal! Real lips, real writing, actual, real, unique photos taken for each request. Check out all the work samples! Please limit your message to fit on my lips. You may request a shade of lipstick and a certain angle/pose -- please choose from regular, small smile, kiss, and 3/4 view. Please note that the work samples sometimes include client-specific requests -- unless otherwise agreed upon, your photo will by default be like the three main images. The photo will be 500 x 667 pixels, perfect size for the web! Be sure to also check out my other awesome gigs!
“Amazing quality!”