Sorry, I need to suspend this gig for a while due to carpal tunnel syndrome! Feel free to message me in the meantime! PLEASE READ COMPLETELY - Facial animation only - no moving of limbs OR objects! If you have questions, please message me before ordering! Your child will light up when they see their DRAWINGS COME TO LIFE in an animated video up to 30 seconds long! (see Gig Extras to add another character in the SAME drawing.) You supply the picture. Character must face front - no side profiles. Closed mouths work best. Only the FACE is animated; arms and legs cannot move. Character can move within the scene. Include dialogue you want the characters to say or include your own audio file! We can add background music if you like! If you have questions, please ask before ordering! (Works great with logos, too!) See Gig Extras! PLEASE have your picture and script ready to submit BEFORE you place your order!

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Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Mauidelite did a fantastic job! more than i expected!”