For 5 bucks! I will create a simple yet professional looking claymation intro of your product,logo or website for 5 bucks.I can also make a greetings for your love ones just like in the sample. it will be shoot using a webcam and the main product will be send via will be maximum 5 seconds NOTE: all will be without soundtrack.Send me also a message before ordering! all videos will be same as the samples For big projects kindly send me a message for more info ->>>>>>check here>>>> For customize longer than 5 seconds, kindly check the extra gig.Thanks A lot. looking forward to work with you!

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I will give you HD and add your logo in the end of the video   ×
I will Order this gig 20 times for big project customize and character moldings and prop scenes depends +12 days ×
I will create sound effects and background   ×
Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
“So very talented!!! thank you!”