Are you looking for an edge up in your martial arts training? Or maybe you always wanted to try out martial arts, but were turned off by the steep fees? I will contour a private 20 minute lesson (via skype, etc) to whatever you want to learn. It can be practical street defense, a specific martial art, weapons protection, an intro to general martial arts, mixed martial arts, martial arts history and philosophy, or even just perfecting a single technique -- whatever you want, I'm there for you! Partial list of things I can teach you: Tang Soo Do Jiu-Jitsu Knife defense Mixed Martial Arts History and Philosophy of Martial Arts Iron Body Training Aikido Kyokushin (limited experience) Muay Thai (limited experience) ---- My official certifications include a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Doo and a 3rd degree black belt in mixed martial arts, among others.
“Great guy with a lot of experience. Really useful tips and practical advice. I rec...”