TO PEOPLE REGARDING STORYBOOK ILLUSTRATIONS, I WILL BE HAPPY TO WORK WITH YOU, THE COST HOWEVER WILL BE HIGHER THAN $5. WITH A PERCENTAGE IN ROYALTIES UPON ITS PUBLICATION, AS WELL AS PAYMENT FOR TIME DEPENDING ON HOW DETAILED AND HOW MANY IMAGES YOU DESIRE. I WILL WORK WITH YOU HOWEVER. JUST MESSAGE ME FOR QUESTIONS WE'LL WORK IT OUT! :) Taking a look at the images provided you can see my style and works. If you are impressed and think you'd like one for yourself or someone else, I will create one for you for $5. It really is quite a deal. I will need 5-6 days to complete it, due to the detail involved. 5x7 on paper Thank you so much for your business. You have no idea how much you can make a difference in a college girl's life. Please be sure to spread word of my work, however, it's only limited time it will be so cheap. With school and the amount of detail and time it takes the prices will be as follows: Paper: 5x7-$20 8x10-$30 Anything bigger-$50 Canvas: Depending on the size, but starting at $100 However I am willing to work with the buyer in anyway they see fit. A great gift for a person or for yourself. Again thank you so much for your business, every little bit helps.
“Absolutely amazing artist and friendly to deal with!”