Want to learn that song? I can write melody and chords charts, TAB for guitar or bass or ukulele or mandolin or banjo ... solos and more! Any instrument!

Basic $5 service = simple melody (one staff, one voice) + chord symbols above the staff

Please scroll down for many more Gig Extras options, including:
  • rhythm guitar staff (strumming patterns)
  • piano left hand (second staff or additional staves)
  • solos or complex passages
  • "note-for-note transcription" of entire songs

Charts are delivered in PDF and can be viewed easily on any screen including smartphones, tablets, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

MIDI and WAV files = FREE!
Transposing (changing Key; "tuning down" or up) = FREE!

Check out my Gig Extras

I will add another staff for things like rhythm guitar, bass, or piano left hand. Please specify which one. +1 day +$20
I will add complex melody or instrumental passage, like a guitar solo. +2 days +$40
I will do another solo or instrumental passage "note-for-note transcription." +2 days +$40
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 3 days   +$40
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Thank you so much for the great service and delivering it early. I recommend this ...”