Capturing a favorite building or visualizing your own architecture project? A piece of artwork will refine your ideas, sell them to clients, and bring them to life! For your convenience "addon" options are available via the Gig extras section.

Some subject matter may be more complex and require multiple gigs. Read fully and message me with your request before ordering!

Note: The original artist retains copyright of all images produced.

base option  |  $5  |  existing conditions

$5 includes a freehand black ink sketch of an existing condition (reference off a photograph) on A6 paper. Focus is on basic massing and form.

addon one  |  + $40  |  visualizing something new

I will take into account any reference materials, such as photographs, schematics, or even text descriptions, and design something to your needs.

addon two  |  + $40  |  detailing

Your order is drawn on a larger A4 sheet, and in greater detail and precision. This addon also grants commercial use rights for the image.  

addon three  |  + $40  |  watercoloring

I will overlay realistic hand watercolor work, accurately rendering materials, shadows, and light caustics, bringing impact to the design.

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*including $5 gig, Extras
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