Are you searching for a creative birthday/christmas gift?? Just give me your photo portrait (Only head shot, not full body pictures) and i will digital process the photo and cut an handmade stencil, then I'll took a picture of the resultant drawing. For the basic gig i will send you an High quality jpg file shooted with my Professional Canon EOS ready to print (4752x3168px). As you can image this process took me a long time and effort, so for the basic order i took nearly 15 days to do it, if you are in a rush, purchase the fast extra option and I will give your file in less than a week. For the other extra I will ship the actual drawing to you, but consider that I'm in Italy and this can took a while. Remember: just one person for 1 gig, just head shot and I need an High quality image to process the order. Only one face, no logo, pets or any other stuff.

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I will accept a tip to cover all the costs and the effort of the process   ×
I will digital edit your final image in 3 different textures/locations like in the 3th example picture +5 days ×
I will send you from Italy by traditional mail the resulting image from the stencil +10 days ×
I will film the entire process with my camera and send you an edited video like the example +5 days ×
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   ×
Gig Paused
*including $5 gig, Extras
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