NEW Now 2500 views. Retention views (How long the users 'view' your video) is fast becoming the most important part of YouTube ranking. See it from YT perspective and with all the fake accounts and likes, etc it is THE only way for YT to know if the REAL viewers think your movie/song/ad is worth ranking high Go to 'analytics' and check yours now. Those fake bots the others sell will only watch 20 seconds of your work maximum. See? Probably 80% have left before 30 seconds right? That is BAD. YT will see your submission as almost worthless. That is why you are NOT ranking for your chosen keyword. My gigs are 90-100% of vid until very end. Watch full length?  Nobody offers that, but up to 5 minutes max. REAL from US/UK/Europe and other good accounts without risk. Can drip feed over 4 days.

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