I will create a unique, personalized artwork for you in the mediums of my choice on a 5" x 5" surface. I will either take artistic freedom if asked to do so or I can include up to three details : words, colors, animals, theme, names, font, artistic style, pretty much anything. I do not mind adult content requests all within reason.To upgrade to a larger artwork *10X10* I will also require an additional gig purchase $10.00 which includes you picking which mediums I use to create your custom artwork * ink,watercolor, Prisma/Decco Markers, Gold Leaf, Pastels, Acrylics, Prisma color pencils,Collage, Fabric, etc* as well as an additional detail. For a customized artwork on canvas board *8X10*, Coffee Mug, Decorative Plate * with either stand or wall mount*, Canvas Bag, T-Shirt, etc.* For the ExtraFast gig I will skip you to the head of the line and have the jpeg file ready next day and actual item shipped off as well. Have any special requests message me.
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