Exclusivly on Fiverr!

I will do apps promotion for iOS apps, mobile app, android, and put it on my website (PM me for the URL) with 125x125 web banner.

For 2 weeks!

You can see the website analytics (picture attached), my website gets hundreds hits every single day, for as low as 631 hits a day (according to g.analytics).

So, you will have around 631*14(days) = as low as 8834 IMPRESSIONS!
But actually more than that!
Because the lowest daily PAGEVIEWS is 1184 (see the next screenshoot), so you may get MORE THAN 1184*14(days)=16576 IMPRESSIONS for $5. 

Let's say you have the lowest CTR 0.5% * 16576 = it means 82 clicks on your ads at least.

However, I don't guarantee any sales, download, or actions.

It's just an estimate calculation based on the traffic of my website. There are many more factors like how interesting your ad is.

My jobs is just adding your banner there and keep it for 2 WEEKS from the date of gig purchase. And of course my job to keep visitors coming to my website ;)

I suggest you to have an eye-catching ads so visitors interested to click on it and see what your business offers.