Now your favorite logos can come alive in 3D! I will convert any 2D logo or image -- of your favorite sports team, your business, your own art, or anything else into a fun 3-inch wide 3D-printed plastic shape! (See image for examples). For one Fiver, I will take your 2D image, convert it to 3D, and print it in any available color on my Makerbot printer. Available colors include black, blue, green, red, silver, gold, white. You may specify if you'd like a base for the logo or not. The maximum dimension (long end) is 3 inches, and the extrusion of your image will be up to 0.3 inches. I will also ship it via USPS First Class mail for US orders. Note: I am also willing to print other models and objects if provided an STL file. Size restrictions apply. If interested, contact me first!

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