Hey every one, this is just to let you all know that I will not be able to complete any gigs for the next 10 days (affective 10th february) because of a death of a dear relative. Get your message or song sung out the way you want it! want me to personally write a random song on some one you love? whether its funny, or serious, i can do it! want me to sing happy birthday in a not so typical happy birthday tune? i got it! want help with writing lyrics? i got it! i got it all covered! Get your songs sung out the way you want! order now and MESSAGE before ordering! this gig is value for money! Happy listening! :::::charges::::: 10 dollars = vocals only 25 dollars = vocals plus guitars (mixed mastered sample video high quality) 45 dollars = bass guitar plus vocal harmonies and lead guitar *** for writing the lyrics a 10 dollar extra is required. why order this gig? : = unmatched after sales help = unlike other gigs, the cost does not increase with the duration. = special privileges for repeat customers = unmatched quality. So try now!