I'm ShiftyPOP. I graduated this year with a creative sound and music degree. For my degree I created a ToyPOP! project which consisted of making a performable 4 piece girl band and an EP. Here I am now on Fiverr, selling my unique ability of writing toypop jingles as well as singing! I'm a proud owner of 8 radio plays and I've been SOUNDCLOUDER of the day, have 11,000+ followers and generally a very good internet presence. I'd love to sing on your ORIGINAL music. 30 seconds is $5. Search /toypop on soundcloud, that's my work! Also, /shiftypop for a fiverr portfolio with a few things in.

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I will double track the vocal by singing it twice +3 days ×
I will sing on a whole track with the lyrics you provide +3 days ×
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*including $5 gig, Extras
“Fantastic work as usual, shifty! i can always count on you for amazing vocals. Tha...”