($5) 30 Second Instrumental

($105) 30 Sec Jingle, music&vocals, with YOUR lyrics.
($145) 30 Sec Jingle, music and vocals, with MY lyrics.
($185) 30 Sec jingle. Music, MY Lyrics, Mix & Master.
*** ($20 Extra For Toy Piano) ***
(All jingle's will be sent in .mp3 unless a .wav format is requested).
Message me with any other briefs. Eg. Theme songs/longer songs

Where should I use a ToyTASTIC instrumental or jingle?

  • You may use your instrumental where ever you please.
  • Videos, slideshows, podcasts, app games, animations.
  • You may use your jingle to advertise anything you want.
  • Books, Websites, Companies, Businesses, Products.

Top-rated Seller. 8 Years Songwriting Experience. Fantastic Communication. Radio Plays on BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio Wales. Determined. 2:1 University Graduate in Creative Sound & Music. Proud Toy Piano Owner. Interviewed by The Sunday Times. Positive. Happy. Mentioned in The Sunday Times Magazine. Interviewed on BBC Radio Wales. Soundclouder of the Day. Speedy Delivery. I Released an EP(2012) & Album(2013). Let me write for you?

All music, lyrics and recordings will belong to me and cannot be used for any commercial purposes without negotiation.

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will compose a 30 second ToyTASTIC JINGLE with YOUR lyrics   ×
I will WRITE LYRICS for your 30 second ToyTASTIC JINGLE or co write/adjust your lyrics +1 day ×
I will MIX and MASTER your 30 second ToyTASTIC JINGLE +1 day ×
I will record the toy piano into your ToyTASTIC JINGLE   ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Nice work! this sounds amazing! thank you very much for the fast delivery! will b...”