I have over 25 years experience in Web, Radio, and Television and I will record a professional male Voice Over or Voice acting up to 60 seconds long (160 words) for $5. Check out a link to raw work samples of my V.O. work .......and my VoiceMail work samples

If the script is longer I will let you know and you can add a gig for each additional 60 seconds or partial minute.  This does not include syncing with video that is offered in my gig extras.  Send your copy or script and I will get on it right away. I have done TV, Video, online projects, radio, phone greetings or voice mail, and can fulfill whatever your need is. 


I will place music and edit it to length as a service in my gig extras.  But if you need a music track I do not provide because I do not have a multi use license for tracks, but you can buy a license for some great/inexpensive tracks from audio If you can click or paste the following  affiliate link to get there it would really help support the discounted work I do on fiverr

Check out my Gig Extras Gig Quantity:

I will sync the voice over with an existing video of 60 seconds add gig every additional 60 sec   ×
I will Place MUSIC under the voice over that you provide 1 gig every 60 seconds placed   ×
I will Drop everything and do your VoiceOver right now   ×
I will The WORKS- 1 VoiceOver 1 thirty sec or less Jingle/song. A fully produced Ad Campaign in One Stop +2 days ×
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Great work. I will use again. Thanks a lot!”