Dude, I cant get enough of these ponies. So let's make use of it! I will draw you a "My Little Pony" inspired equine in my style for five bucks. I can either do a couple simple sketches (2-4) OR one full colored pony. Batch of sketches = 1 gig. Full colored pony = 1 gig. If you want the main characters, background characters, your own OC character, a character from a different show as a pony, whatever! It's all good. If you want a non-pony character from the show, like Gilda or Spike- that's fine too. :) I dont mind if it's "oogly sugar cute" or a little suggestive/bad language/etc., I'm really okay with whatever, and a little juxtaposition is fun. If I'm uncomfortable drawing something, I'll say so. ;)
“Super artist quality work.”