YOUR WHITEBOARD ANIMATION                 

A custom whiteboard animation video is a great way to engage your audience. Your  message will reach people while entertaining and engaging their mind.

Please check out my Fiverr Portfolio to be sure my  whiteboard style is your cup of tea.

For  $5 I will create your whiteboard video scribe  from a 60 word or less script. I will include images that compliment your script, provide background  music from my library and render in HD.

  1. $5 per 60 words
  2. Provide Images to compliment text FREE (contact me before ordering)
  3. Provide music FREE
  4. Render in HD (1280x720) FREE

Synchronize voice over cost  extra.  For voice overs  please contact me before ordering to get the scoop on voice over requirements.

NOTE: I cannot draw images, I select images to compliment your script from my image library.

To avoid cancellation  contact me BEFORE ordering the gig to  be sure I have the resources  needed to do your scribe.

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I will do per our discussion - 1 +2 days +$10
I will do per our discussion - 2 +2 days +$20
I will do per our discussion - 3 +5 days +$40
*including $5 gig, Extras
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