Hi there! I am currently a screenwriting student at one of the top film schools in Canada. I work with industry professionals and have many years of creative writing skills under my belt. Send me your short scripts, screenplays and I will format them to the industry standard for you! I will format them accordingly as different types of scripts have different requirements, e.g. TV specs, feature length screenplays, etc. NOTE: I WILL NOT CONVERT YOUR BOOK/SHORT STORY INTO A SCREENPLAY. Books and films are two different mediums and many aspects need to be considered when converting. That's something my schedule will not allow me to do. So I'm terribly sorry about that. $5 - Formatting and basic story editing. Must be under 20 pages. $10 - Formatting and editing over 20 pages. $15 - Formatting and editing over 30 pages. Please order accordingly! I accept .pdf, .doc, .pages files and I also have Final Draft 8.
“That's fine, thanks! great quick service.”