I am an amazing illustrator.My work is suitable for children's literature, fantasy novels, book covers, almost anything. I create the illustrations 100% digitally. READ CAREFULY For a fiverr I will draw only the outline, no colors, lights, shadows and other effects, for those check EXTRAS ! We both will be the owners of the illustration, as creator I will place my signature on it and reserve myself the right to feature it in my portfolio, social networks ,modify/improve.I will never resell or use it for comercial purposes,only for showcase.You will have the right to do anything you want with the illustration,no restrictions. Up to 2 characters on the page for 1 gig! $5 more for each extra character. If you agree with my terms let's start! Extra: 1 Gig $5 for drawing black and white 2 Gigs $5 x 2 for drawing and adding colour = $10 4 Gigs $5 x 4 for drawing, color, and shadows/highlights = $20 for complete drawing of these items. Highlights and shadows are the texture, shadows, highlights, shading to give it a more exciting picture than 1 color. For every gig you buy you must reply to my instructions for each gig in order for the payment to happen or status incomplete
“Good work! you were very quick to finish the job, and were responsive to my reques...”