I Offer One of the BEST Testimonial Gigs on Fiverr for 30 seconds 
UNSCRIPTED preferred :D

My approach is casual, informal, home type of person,
I am very family orientated, so I like family style testimonials too.

I'm REAL and RAW, UK lass, Authentic and Genuine :))

I do prefer giving REAL testimonials for a product or service I can sample or is proven to work (Remember I am in the UK).

You can order 2 gigs to extend to 1 minute.

The info I need is:

  •  A good brief description
  • Your objective and purpose of video
  • brief discussion points  
  • Up to 3 concise bullet point details of what you'd want covered per 30 Secs GIG. More than a sentence would be considered longer than a bullet point, so please avoid!
You need to provide pointers otherwise order My Gig Extra to cover script creation I will not read a whole document to extract points, as this is already time consuming for me, so please have your pointers ready.
Not really a fan of set scripts, as they do not really come across natural sounding or convincing

Being a busy mother, my lead time is a few days but I'll try sooner Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me first.
No Adult or rude requests please!

Check out my Gig Extras

I will Do a total of 1 minute video testimonial or add one of my children in the video   +$5
I will Do a total of 3 minutes Video Testimonial   +$10
I will Create a script covering 1 minute of video, or 6 concise sentences for your video   +$5
Extra Fast I will deliver this order in just 1 day   +$20
“Fantastic - thanks a million”