Does your blog move like Gandhi in a buffet line? Is it as slow as molasses in winter? I know how to speed up WordPress! Not for (free hosting), WP Multi-User or BuddyPress blogs. Some sites are just on bad servers and there's no fix for that, but I can diagnose that for you as well and offer alternatives. I do not in any way guarantee results, but if I can't make your site faster I explain why and how to fix the problem if possible. My goal is actual speed measured in seconds, not scores or grades. The feedback tells the story. This is the real deal - check out my reviews! ***Due to overwhelming popularity since being featured on the home page, I have had to extend the deadlines *** Please do not order if there are more than 15 in the queue - I have had to extend the deadlines again because people are ignoring this.*** Thank you for your patience and excellent taste!

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I will install and customize either Amazon Cloudfront or the free Cloudflare CDN to maximize performance +5 days +$10
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