I will record myself Singing, Rapping, or Funny Voice with Auto Tune. Funny Voice can be with or without Auto Tune. I'm also a professional audio engineer, and record only with quality gear. Will record up to 1 Minute. The ability to pitch up or down from chipmunk to barry white is also available if wanted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perhaps you just want your phone to say something when you get a message, using your voice or mine (see other gig). Birthdays, sarcastic messages to friends, other celebrations. Or just because you want to, or are bored. The video is just an example, and is in D# Minor. I'm actually pretty good at making fun voices, not impersonations, so if you want that describe the voice and let me know if you want it Auto-Tuned hard or not. You may have a few revisions, but usually clients are happy with my work. Thanks for visiting! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: If I get enough of these I will offer WAV format. Which you only need if you are putting it in important music or a professional movie. Or just want it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tilted Axis Recording