I have a genuine PR 3 and a PR 2 blog where I will write a 100 word post and link your website in the post with anchor text of your choice. I will deliver this order within 24 hours. Order now and improve your site's page rank. P.S.: I will not review any gambling, lotto, adult or any other illegal websites. Please send me a message if you think your website consists any questionable content so that I can check it out and let you know before ordering the gig. Express delivery guaranteed!

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I will place link of yours in blogroll of Pr 2 and Pr 3 blogs   +$5
I will write a 100 word post in PR 4 blog   +$5
I will write a 300 word post instead of 100 words +1 day +$10
*including $5 gig, Extras
“Exceeding expectations, thank you! preparing more orders”